Saldanha Bay Municipality Bursary Programme

Bursary applications are invited from first-year students for the 2020 academic year which will be extended to a maximum of three years provided that the candidate adheres to the bursary conditions. The bursary is restricted to full-time study and attendance at an accredited University or a University of Technology and is eligible to individuals from historically disadvantaged societal groups or individuals with disabilities. Parents/guardians of the student must reside within the Saldanha Bay Municipal Area.

The maximum estimated bursary amount for 2020 is R70 000 per student.

Applicants who intend to study for an undergraduate degree or a national diploma in the following fields and whom have been accepted by a University or University of Technology will be considered:

Supply Chain Management
Internal Auditing
Risk Management
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
How to Apply
Application forms are available at the Municipality’s Human Resource Management offices during business hours (08:00 – 16:30).

For any enquiries contact the following person: Zindzi Korasie, Telephone: (022) 701 70920000000-DW051219
Download Application form here

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